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Assessor Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current tax rate?

  • Motor Vehicle Tax Rate is $19.02 per thousand of assessed value.
  • Real Estate Tax Rate is $22.55 per thousand of assessed value for residential and commercial property.
  • Vacant Residential Land Tax Rate is $16.07 per thousand of assessed value.
  • Tangible/Personal Property Tax Rate is $33.85 per thousand of assessed value.

How often does the Town conduct a revaluation of real estate?

Revaluations are conducted every three years according to State law. A statistical reval was completed 12/31/2013. Click here for more details about the revaluation process.

Can I review my assessment data?

Assessment data can be reviewed in the Tax Assessor’s office or at the following web address: North East Revaluation

When can I appeal motor vehicle taxes? ....... real estate/tangible taxes?

For motor vehicle taxes, an appeal to the Motor Vehicle Value Commission must be filed within forty-five (45) days of the mailing of the tax bill. Appeal forms are available in the Assessor’s office.

Real estate and tangible taxes can be appealed to the Tax Assessor within ninety (90) days from the due date of the first quarterly tax payment. Appeal forms are available in the Assessor’s office.

What periods do the tax bills cover?

  • Motor vehicle taxes are for the vehicles owned during the previous calendar year.
  • Real estate taxes are assessed as of December 31st of each year for the current calendar year.
  • Tangible personal property taxes are assessed as of December 31st.

When are payments due?

The tax bills are mailed in July of each year and payable by August 31st. For bills over $50, payments can be made quarterly by the following date:

  • First installment August 31st
  • Second installment November 30th
  • Third installment February 28th / 29th
  • Fourth installment May 31st

Why did I get a motor vehicle bill for a car I don’t own anymore?

Motor vehicle excise taxes are charged for the period that the vehicle was registered during the previous calendar year. If you sell your motor vehicle, the plates must be turned in to the registry or else they will continue to generate a tax bill.

What is the homestead exemption?

The homestead exemption was drafted and approved by the Town Council and went into affect for the 2005 tax roll. The exemption is applied to improved residential property. The current exemption for the 2014 tax bills is fourteen percent (14%) off of the assessed value.
Click here for a copy of the ordinance.

What are frozen or stabilized taxes?

The elderly exemption (also known as frozen or stabilized) is available to all property owning town residents who are 65 years old and have lived in town for a minimum of seven (7) years. Those residents that qualify need to file an application with the Tax Assessor’s office the year they turn sixty-five (65). A continuance form will be mailed out each February and must be returned to the Assessor’s office.