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Planning Board

The next regular Planning Board meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, September 15, 2014.

Advertised Hearings and Agenda Items (see agenda for all items):

Major Land Development Plan: Master Plan, cont. Public Informational Meeting (Project Narrative, Master Plan Set, Supporting Maps) (Town Planner's Memo for June 16 meeting, Town Planner's Memo for September 15, 2014 meeting)
Town Traffic Study, Figure 4 and Design Alternatives, Appendix (without accident reports); Town Engineer Review Comments for Drainage; Fire Chief Comments ; Noise Abatement Report; Conservation Commission Comments; Zoning Board Special Use Permit Decision
WG Concerned Citizens comments
“Travel Centers of America” -AP 48, Lots 2-3 & 2-5, Plat 49, Lots 2 & 3, and Plat 13 Lots 17 & 18
--at 849 Victory Highway; Zoning: Highway Business
--Expansion of truck stop parking lot, improvements to facitlity, and moving of Breakheart Hill Road
Owners/Applicant: TA Operating, LLC (Thomas M. O'Brien, President)

Minor Land Development Project:  Final Plan and Request for Bond Release ( revised drainage As-Built Plan, Design Engineer Comments, Town Planner Memo, Town Engineer review and inspection comments)
“Coast to Coast Fulfillment” Expansion of existing building and use–AP 24, Lots 19 & 20
--at 773 Victory Highway; Zoned Highway Business and Industrial A
Applicant/Owner:  Coast to Coast Holdings, Inc. (Hermond Ghazarian, President)
--Construction update on resolving drainage and previous erosion; and revised plan for drainage

Minor Subdivision (Consent Agenda)
Minor Residential Subdivision- Preliminary Plan (Planner's Memo)
“The Rathbun Plat” AP 32, Lot 10-1
--on corner of Plain Meeting House Road & Welch Hollow Road
Owner/Applicant:  Gilbert W. Rathbun, Jr.

Advisory Opinion to Zoning Board for Dimensional Variance on Frontage (Application, Planner's Memo)
--AP 45, Lot 4-,1 currently non-buildable with 54.85 feet of frontage on Falls River Rd.
Associated Administrative Subdivision with land-locked Lots 4-24, 4-26, & 4-27
Location: corner of Falls River Road and Arthur Richmond Road (private road)
Lots proposed to be merged into one buildable lot with reduced road frontage on Falls River Road.
Applicant:  Richard Dodson;  Owners:  Laurie Albro, Gary Malikowski, and Stanley Malikowski

Advisory Opinion to Zoning Board for Dimensional Variance on Frontage (Application, Planner's Memo)
--AP 58, Lot 3, currently land-locked
Associated Administrative Subdivision with AP 58 Lot 2-2 to gain reduced frontage on Bates Trail
Location:  142 Bates Trail
Associated Administrative Subdivision to provide land-locked parcel with reduced road frontage
Applicants/Owners:  Ocean State Builders LLC (Lot 2-2) and David G. Tibbitts (Lot 3)

Minor Development Plan:  Construction status, cont.;
Deadline to complete Extended to September 2014 meeting
“Roch’s Fresh Food”  -- AP 49, Lot 4-2
--at 865 Victory Highway (access off Arnold Farm Road);  Zoning: Highway Business
Redevelopment of old Coca-Cola warehouse and distribution site into Produce warehousing, washing, chopping, and distribution.
Owner /Applicant:  Roch’s Fresh Food West Greenwich, Inc. (Ray Roch)
--Status of completion of improvements to site

Minor Residential Compound Subdivision- Revised Preliminary Plan, Phase 2
“Finlandia Hollow”- Phase 2, AP 12, Lot 9-1
--off Robin Hollow Road
Owner/Applicant:  William & Diane Langlais

Previous Agenda Items:

Major Residential Subdivision: Amendment to Final Approval / Posting of Bond
“Stonebridge Estates, Phase 2”– AP 33, Lot 1-13
--new road off Plain Meeting House Road; 
-set revised performance and/or maintenance bond amounts; consider amendment to Final approval
Applicant/Owner: Country View Holdings, LLC (Armand Cortellesso, Manager)


On-going Items of Interest:

RhodeMap RI- Statewide Planning Project Workshop Series
--How should we plan for the future? At the end of the RhodeMap RI project the state will have a new housing plan addressing the housing needs of all Rhode Islanders, a new economic development plan that will provide a unified vision and framework for the state’s economic development efforts, and a growth centers plan that will help our communities determine where and how future development should happen within their borders. Project Website: http://rhodemapri.org/



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