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Planning Board

The next regular Planning Board meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 21, 2014.

Agenda Items:

Minor Subdivision (Consent Agenda)
Minor Residential Subdivision: Preliminary Plan (Plan and Supporting Documents, Planner's Memo)
AP 58, Lot 2 at 150 Bates Trail; two frontage lots proposed
Owner/Applicant: F. Paolino Homes, Inc.

Advisory opinion to Town Council for Zoning District Map Change- AP 6, Lot 21-2 (application, Planner's Memo)
-Location: 39 Nooseneck Hill Road; Proposed zoning map change from Rural Farming Residential 2-acre (RFR-2) to Highway Business (HB) for commercial use.
Owner/Applicant: 39 Nooseneck Hill, LLC (Michael Kent)

Minor Land Development Project: Drainage (Preliminary Plan approved June 18, 2012)
“Coast to Coast Fulfillment” Expansion of existing building and use-AP 24, Lots 19 & 20
--at 773 Victory Highway; Zoned Highway Business and Industrial A
Applicant/Owner: Coast to Coast Holdings, Inc.
--Status of completion of improvements to site; and plan for off-site drainage

Major Residential Subdivision: Master Plan Public Informational Meeting
(Plan Set Sheets 1 through 8, Plan Sheets 9 through 14, Narrative, Planner's Memo w/ attachments)
“Pine Estates, Phase 2” AP 53, Lot 5-1
--Off Hopkins Hill Road; proposed new public road, drainage, and house lots
Consideration for Conservation Design Development
Land Owner: William & Karen Pine; Applicant: Shoreline Properties, Inc. (Joseph Catelli)

Major Residential Subdivision: Pre-Application Plan (Plan set, Narrative, Planner's Memo with attachments)
“Bella View”-AP 28, Lot 25-1
--off Stubble Brook Road: new town roads and house lots proposed
Owner: John Koszela, Jr.; Applicant: Soscia Construction Ltd. (Bruce Soscia)

Conservation Design Development
-Review of regulations and ordinance

Previous Agenda Items:

Minor Land Development Plan: Preliminary Plan (Planner's Memo) (decision letter)
“Travel Centers of America" - AP 49, Lot 2
--at 849 Victory Highway: Zoning: Highway Business
--Addition to existing building for truck service and repair: add fuel pumps to existing gasoline station
Owners/Applicant: TA Operating, LLC

Major Residential Subdivision: Pre-application Plan (Plan and Narrative; Planner's Memo), cont.
"Pine Estates Phase 2" AP 53, Lot 5-1
--off Hopkins Hill Road: new Town road proposed
Owner: William and Karen Pine; Applicant: Shoreline Properties, LLC (Joseph Catelli)

On-going Items of Interest:

RhodeMap RI- Statewide Planning Project Workshop Series
--How should we plan for the future? At the end of the RhodeMap RI project the state will have a new housing plan addressing the housing needs of all Rhode Islanders, a new economic development plan that will provide a unified vision and framework for the state’s economic development efforts, and a growth centers plan that will help our communities determine where and how future development should happen within their borders. Project Website: http://rhodemapri.org/



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