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Planning Board

The next regular Planning Board meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 20, 2015.

Previous Agenda Items:

Request for Bond Release and Recommendation to Town Council for Road acceptance (Consent Agenda)
Hoxsie Farms- off Robin Hollow Rd. (Town Memos and request letter)

"Travel Centers of America" TA Truck Stop-Status of Project:
Major Land Development Project: (Master Plan approved on December 15, 2014)
Assessor’s Plat 48, Lots 2-3 & 2-5, Plat 49 Lots 2 & 3, and Plat 13, Lots 17 and 18
--at 849 Victory Highway; Zoning: Highway Business
--Expansion of Truck Stop consisting of improvements to the truck stop facilities and site, expansion of truck parking lot, and relocation of Breakheart Hill Road
Owners/Applicant: TA Operating, LLC (Thomas M. O’Brien, President)
--Request for update on status of project improvements and next application stage

Major Residential Land Development Project: Preliminary Plan
“Pine Estates, Phase 2”-AP 53, Lot 5-1 (Planner's Memo) (Proposed Preliminary Plan) (Supporting Materials: Perimeter Survey; Wetland Permit; Wetland Edge Verification; Subdivision Suitability; Infrastructure Guarantee Letter;)
--off Hopkins Hill Road: new town road with drainage, and 12 house lots;
Owner/Applicant: Shoreline Properties, Inc. (Joseph Catelli)
-set Public Hearing Date

Wind Power Ordinance
- discussion on current information and draft regulations (2010)
Resources: RI Renewable Energy Siting Guidelines (2012); 2014 Presentation Slides of proposed modifications to Siting Guidelines; Model Ordinance from Massachusetts (2011)

Previous Agenda Items with Decision Letters:

Cedar Ridge” -AP 1, Lot 10-3 (Decision Letter)
Major Residential Land Development Project: Preliminary Plan, continued for Deliberation and Decision
(Current Materials: Planner's Memo 3 w/ Draft Motion; revised Plan 4/28/2015: Sheet 4 Layout only, or whole plan set (large file); DiPrete Response to Engineer Comments)
Previous Materials: Hearing Notice ; Planner's memo 1 (obsolete). Planners Memo 2. Engineer Review comments 1; Engineer's Memo 2; Fire Chief Comments; Landscape Plan received April 7, 2015, Architectural Drawings
Supporting Documents: RIDEM RIPDES/UIC approval; RIDEM Sewer Waste approval; RIDOT PAP letter; RIDOT boring under I-95 authrization; KCWA conditional service; KCWA infrastructure approval; Affordable Housing Monitoring Agent letter; Request for Performance Guarantee; Request for Model Units
--off New London Turnpike: new privately owned roads and 127 condominium dwellings of single, double, and triple unit structures proposed
Zoning: Senior Residential; 13.5% affordability requirement; age restriction to 55 and older
Owner/Applicant: Cedar Ridge West Greenwich, LLC (Michael Kent)
Additional postings: Master Plan Decision Letter (previous approval stage); Town Council Zone Change Decision Letter including Senior Residential Zoning District Creation Decision Letter ; Past History for this Project: 2008 Minutes; Traffic Impact Study, 2008

Major Land Development Plan: Master Plan (DECISION LETTER)
“Travel Centers of America” -AP 48, Lots 2-3 & 2-5, Plat 49, Lots 2 & 3, and Plat 13 Lots 17 & 18
(Project Narrative, Master Plan Set, Supporting Maps) (Town Planner's Memo for June 16 meeting, Town Planner's Memo for September 15, 2014 meeting, Town Planner's Memo for November 17, 2014 meeting, Letter to TA re: traffic study ; Building/Zoning Official Comments AutoParking) (Revised Plan Sheets October Meeting 3 Trees and 4 Access) (Revised Master Plan received November 12, 2014, Proposed Noise Study Scope received November 17, 2014) (Revised Master Plan received Dec 10, 2014; TA Diesel Pump Queue Analysis Report received Dec. 10, 2014))
Town Traffic Study, Figure 4 and Design Alternatives, Appendix (without accident reports); Town Engineer Review Comments for Drainage; Fire Chief Comments ; Noise Abatement Report; Zoning Board Special Use Permit Decision
WG Concerned Citizens comments
--at 849 Victory Highway; Zoning: Highway Business
--Expansion of truck stop parking lot, improvements to facitlity, and moving of Breakheart Hill Road
Owners/Applicant: TA Operating, LLC (Thomas M. O'Brien, President)

Major Residential Subdivision: Master Plan (Decision Letter)
“Bella View”- AP 28, Lot 25-1; Zoning: RFR-2
(Master Plan Set; Project Narrative; NEW Draft Motion; Fire Chief Comments) (Engineer comments on Proposed Waiver)
--off Stubble Brook Road: 2 new town roads and 36 house lots proposed with requested waivers
Owner: John Koszela, Jr.; Applicant: Soscia Construction Ltd. (Gregory, Douglas & Bruce Soscia)


On-going Items of Interest:

RhodeMap RI- Statewide Planning Project Workshop Series
--How should we plan for the future? At the end of the RhodeMap RI project the state will have a new housing plan addressing the housing needs of all Rhode Islanders, a new economic development plan that will provide a unified vision and framework for the state’s economic development efforts, and a growth centers plan that will help our communities determine where and how future development should happen within their borders. Project Website: http://rhodemapri.org/



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