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Planning Board

The next regular Planning Board meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 18, 2016.

On-going Current Application:

Major Commercial Land Development Project: Public Hearing:
Request for Amendment to Master Plan Decision Letter
Request for Waivers

Preliminary Plan Review (Preliminary Plan; Preliminary Narrative and supporting Info; Applicant's Response to Comments)
“Truck Stop Improvements” AP 48, Lot 2-5; AP 49, Lots 2 & 3; and AP 13, Lot 18
-Victory Highway; Zoning: Highway Business
Applicant/Owner: TA Operating, LLC (c/o Thomas M. O’Brien, President/CEO)

Advisory Opinion to Town Council RE: Exit 7 Special Management District
Proposed Amendment to Zoning Ordinance, Article 2, Zoning District Use Regulations
To remove Section 9, “Exit 7 Special Management District”
-Associated Proposed Amendments to Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map to change zoning back to Highway Business
-review of draft ordinance and discussion
-vote on advisory opinion to Town Council


On-Going Agenda Items of Interest:

Comprehensive Plan Update (for more information about this update, go to the Comprehensive Plan Update page.)




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