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Planning Board

The next regular Planning Board meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 18, 2016.

2016 Community Development Block Grant Application Information:
Town Council Public Hearing (the second of two required hearings) to be held on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 notice
Town Planner's Summary Memo to Planning Board for 2016 CDBG
Cornerstone Adult Services request for $5,000 application
Local Housing Rehabilitation request for $0 (to maintain enrollment in program) application
Administration of CDBG Program allowance (10% of total requests) $500
Total Amount Town of West Greenwich Application Request: $5,500


Agenda Items:

Residential Compound Subdivision: Pre-Application Plan (Planner's Memo, Proposed Plan, Application Narrative)
"Jones Residential Compound" AP 8, Lot 18
-Weaver Hill Road; Zoning: RFR-2
Applicant/Owner: Ryan P. & Sherri A. Jones

Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG): Program Year 2016 Grant Round
- Provide Advisory Opinion to Town Council on proposals (Planner's CDBG Memo)

Previous Agenda Items:

Minor Development Plan: Construction status, cont.;
"Roch’s Fresh Food” - AP 49, Lot 4-2
--at 865 Victory Highway (access off Arnold Farm Road); Zoning: Highway Business
Redevelopment of old Coca-Cola warehouse and distribution site into Produce warehousing, washing, chopping, and distribution.
Owner /Applicant: Roch’s Fresh Food West Greenwich, Inc. (Ray Roch)
--Status of completion of improvements to site

Major Residential Subdivision: Preliminary Plan w/ Waiver Requests Public Hearing
"Holmander/Lemaire" - AP 24, Lots 27 & 28 (Preliminary Plan; Narrative Report; Wetland Letter; Soil Evaluation; Planner's Memo)
--Breakheart Hill Road; Zoning: RFR-2
Proposed subdivision of one new house lot with request for waivers
Applicants/Owners: Peter H. & Kathleen M. Holmander and Raymond T. & Julie A. Lemaire

Major Residential Subdivision: Pre-Application Plan
"Sundown Estates" - AP 25, Lot 2 (Pre-Application Submission Packet) (Planner's Memo)
--John Potter Road; Zoning: RFR-2
Proposed subdivision of 7 frontage lots
Applicant/Owner: Sundown Corporation (Michael Primeau)

Advisory Opinion to Town Council
-Proposed amendment ot Zoning Ordinance Use Matrix to address different forms of utility power
Proposed Amendment; Planner's Memo

On-Going Agenda Items of Interest:

Wind Power Ordinance: policy questions, current information and draft regulations revised (2015);
Resources: RI Renewable Energy Siting Guidelines (2012); 2014 Presentation Slides of proposed modifications to Siting Guidelines
-for discussion and vote

Comprehensive Plan Update (for more information about this update, go to the Comprehensive Plan Update page.)




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