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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the new Conservation Design Development regulations?

The Planning Board has the sole discretion of deciding whether a project will be a Conservation Design subdivision or a Conventional Subdivision. The Zoning Ordinance Conservation Design requirements are here, and the Land Development and Subdivision Regulation Conservation Design requirements are here.

Where can I get a copy of my septic system?

If your system is from 1986 or newer, the Building Official might have a copy. Call him at 392-3800 x 114. Otherwise, try RIDEM 222-6800.

What is the Town's Well Ordinance?

Ordinance No. 84 basically requires that your private well is drilled and yield tested in order to get a Building Permit, but please refer to the ordinance for how the yield testing is required to be performed.

Where can I get a copy of the Town's Residential Compound Ordinance?

The Residential Compound regulations are included within the West Greenwich Zoning Ordinance.

What are the Town's Sign Regulations?

The Sign Regulations are contained in Article IV of the West Greenwich Zoning Ordinance.

Doesn't my property go all the way to the road pavement?

Actually, in most locations it does not. The majority of road right-of-ways in town are 50 feet wide, whereas the pavement only takes up about 24 to 30 feet of that. There usually is about 12 to 10 feet of land that the Town (or the State) actually owns before your property line begins, and where you would start to meaure your front yard set back for zoning. Occasionally, the Town needs to cut back brush, trees, and dead limbs within this shoulder area to the road for reasons such as site distance, drainage, and public safety. Avoid planting anything too big or valuable in this area that you wouldn't want to see cut back by the Town.