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The Town Planner has set up two separate e-mail notification lists pursuant to recent amendments to RIGL 45-23-53 and 45-24-53. If anyone would like to be added to these e-mail lists to receive notices of Public Hearings for either amendments to the Land Development and Subdivision Regulations or amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, or if you would like to be added to both lists, send your request in writing to Jennifer Paquet, Town Planner at 280 Victory Highway, West Greenwich, RI 02817. You must include your name, your e-mail address, and which e-mail list you would like to be added to.

The Town of West Greenwich Zoning Ordinance contains the dimensional regulations and uses allowed for each zoning district. It also contains the procedures and requirements for Variance applications and Special Use Permits, including in-law apartments. General non-residential development requirements, such as parking, landscaping, and signage, are also regulated by the Zoning Ordinance.

All new commercial or industrial developments, or changes to existing non-residential developments, must be reviewed by the Planning Board as either a Development Plan, or a Land Development Project, both of which are authorized by the Zoning Ordinance, however, the review procedure, and pertinent submission requirements are contained within the checklists at the end of the Land Development and Subdivision Regulations.

The official Zoning Ordinance may be purchased at the Town Clerk's Office for $10.00. It is not currently available on our website. Portions of the Zoning Ordinance are posted here for informational purposes only and may not be up to date. For the most current version of the Zoning Ordinance, obtain an official copy from the Town Clerk's Office. For questions, please call Jennifer Paquet, Town Planner, at (401) 392-3800 x 121. Check with the FAQ page first to see if what you are looking for is posted there.


Application to Zoning Board (for Use and Dimensional Variances and Special Use Permit).

Application to Town Council (for Zoning District Change).

Excerpts from Zoning Ordinance:

Table of Contents

Article IX: Development Plan Review (as amended September 10, 2008)

Senior Residential District (adopted March 19, 2008)

Corporate Zoning District (adopted May 10, 2006)

Exit 7 Special Management District (as amended through April 18, 2007)

Article IV: Signage Regulations (as amended September 10, 2008)

Residential Compound Regulations (as amended October 14, 2009)

Communications Facilities (adopted December 10, 1997)

Land Development Projects (adopted October 18, 2004)

Conservation Design Development addendum (adopted December 8, 2010) (use in conjuction with Subdivision Regulations) (click here for more information on Conservation Design)

Medical Marijuana (adopted February 10, 2016)

General Zoning Map (For illustrative purposes only. For greater detail, see individual plat maps available in the Town Hall, or on the Tax Assessors webpage)

Zoning Use Table (October 13, 2010)

Article I: Administration and Procedures (includes definitions)

Article II: Zoning District Use Regulations (includes dimensional requirements) NOTE: Industrial A Minimum Frontage is 200 feet

Article III: Industrial Site and Performance Standards

Article V & VI: Off-Street Parking & Off-Street Loading

Article VII: Special Regulations

Article VII Sections 13. & 14.:. Multi Family Dwelling Units & Two Family Dwellings

Article VII Section 15: Administrative Procedures: Comprehensive Permit for Low and Moderate Income Housing

Article VIII: Lawful Non-Conforming Uses

Articles X & XI: Extractive Industry/ Earth Removal & Validity

Farm Accessory Use (Coming Soon)

Utility Scale Power Use Matrix (April 20 2016)