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Public Works

ROAD SWEEPING - Last year the Town's sweeper, which was over 20 years old, finally broke down past the point of being repairable prior to finishing all the roads. This year the Town has been approved for $100,000 in grant money to be used towards the purchase of a new sweeper. This new sweeper has been ordered but we do not have a delivery date as of yet. The highway department is looking to rent a sweeper however, all sweepers are currently in use in other communities. Our roads will be swept as soon as we can either rent a sweeper or receive our new one. Thank you for your patience.

The public works department is located at 280 Victory Highway behind the Town Hall. The highway crew consists of 6 full time employees who are responsible for the maintenance of approximately 90 miles of town roads. Besides paving, plowing, sweeping and cutting back the brush along the roads, the highway employees also maintain roadside drainage, catch basins, retention ponds and the installation of dry hydrants. All public works vehicles are maintained by the employees. Two employees have completed the 40 hour OSHA certification program. Safety classes are updated every year through Beacon Insurance. In conjunction with D.E.M., public works also administers the mosquito abatement program.

Highway Supervisor, Claude Wright, can be reached at (401) 397-6110.


Falls River Bridge - Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Falls River Bridge - Thursday, April 1, 2010
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