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Town Clerk: Business License

The Town Clerk's Office is responsible for issuing various town licenses. Completed applications and associated fees are required for submission on Town Council agendas for approval. All taxes for the business must be current at the time of filing. All licenses must be renewed annually. Please contact the Town Clerk's office at (401)392-3800 should you require further assistance.

All new businesses are required to complete the Business License Application and the Trade Name Certificate.

Town Licensing
Business License RENEWAL Application
Business License NEW Application
Campground License Application
Gaming License Application
Hawkers / Peddlers License Application
Holiday License Application
Liquor License Application
Trade Name Certificate
Victualing License Application
Victualing 24 Hour License Application

State Licensing
RI State Commercial Licensing Regulations & Liquor Control
RI State Business Regulation Management
RI State Department of Health Food Protection

License Expiration Dates
General Business: December 1
Campground: December 31
Gaming: December 1
Hawkers / Peddlers: December 1
Kennel: March 31
All Liquor: December 1
All Victualing: December 1