Message to Residents

Covid 19


Recent car breaks/ stolen vehicle in our area

Recently our area has been experiencing a rash of cars being rummaged through and stolen.    In recent weeks this has happened in West Greenwich and surrounding communities.  The suspects usually travel with 3 or 4 people in one car.  They park their car in an area of Town and go out on foot in that area looking for cars which are left unlocked; unlocked cars are rummage through with the suspects taking anything of value left in the vehicle.  If keys are left in the car they will actually steal the car, we have had one car stolen in West Greenwich on Fry Pond Rd.    We have also taken complaints of vehicles rummaged through on   Regina Dr, Linden Lane and Plain Rd.   If it is your normal practice to leave your vehicle unlocked, please start locking your vehicle when leaving it unattended and under no circumstances should you be leaving keys in an unattended vehicle.   As always we urge you to call the police (401) 397-7191 or 911 when you have suspicious people of cars in your area.

Thank you and stay Safe,

Chief Ramsay


West Greenwich Police Guidelines as we try to safely navigate the Covid 19 Outbreak

In an effort to keep our citizens and first responder’s safe we are asking citizens to use discretion when seeking police services.

Until further notice, we are asking that the public avoid coming into the lobby unless there is an emergency.

We are asking that you contact the police department at 401- 397-7191 to speak with someone to see if your complaint can be resolved over the phone. 

Officers will temporarily be allowed to take reports over the phone, not all incidents will require a police response.  

As always in an emergency – Call 911 and we will respond immediately.

We will not be conducting VIN checks or BCI checks until April 1st.

Records requests can be made online by emailing Sgt. Richard Brown at [email protected], and he will respond to your request by email.

I encourage you to sign up for “CODE RED” by clicking on the icon located on this page.  This will allow you to receive important information and updates.