Message to Residents

House Breaks
House Breaks

Residents of West Greenwich,

Today ( May 31, 2018)  we had two house breaks one on Mishnock Rd and the other on Robin Hollow RD.  These breaks took place during the day when the homeowners were at work .   The suspect(s) targeted homes with long driveways, and the houses could not be seen from the street.  They forced entry into the home, one home actually had an alarm system. We are asking that anyone who sees something suspicious to please report it to the police,  401-397-7191.



Several communities have experienced  larcenies from unlocked vehicles, taking place in the middle of the night. The suspect(s) are on foot going into driveways looking for vehicles which have been left unlocked. They are rummaging through these vehicles looking for cash, small electronics or anything of value. We need your assistance, in the event you observe any suspicious activity, such as; a strange vehicle parked in the neighborhood of someone walking in the area at odd hours please call us at 397-7191 and report it. I am suggesting that you do not leave any valuables in your vehicle and you lock your vehicle doors at night.

Also if you plan to be away on vacation please stop into the police station dispatch center and complete a vacation request form, and officers will check you home regularly while on normal patrol.

Chief Richard Ramsay
West Greenwich Police Department