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Comprehensive Plan UPDATE

Welcome to the West Greenwich Comprehensive Plan Update! 

This webpage will be updated with information as this important update process takes place.

The Comprehensive Plan is a long range policy guiding document, generally spanning the next 20 years of build-out for our Town. The new plan will address the following topics: Land Use, Natural Resources, Historic and Cultural Resources, Agriculture, Housing, Economic Development, Services and Facilities, Energy, Water Supply, Natural Hazards and Climate Change, and Transportation.

Open Space

Documents and Links applicable to the West Greenwich Comprehensive Plan Update:

How is our Population Changing?

Public Comments from Celebrate West Greenwich Day (for Planning Board review at the December 21, 2015 meeting)

Review of existing Natural Resources Chapter

Review of existing (Open Space and) Recreation Chapter

Review of existing Housing Chapter and Affordable Housing Plan

West Greenwich Comprehensive Plan Update Working Outline/Table of Contents pdf

Link to RI Division of Planning Comprehensive Plan Guidance Handbooks

RI Statewide Planning Technical Paper 162: Rhode Island Population Projections 2010-2040

Land Use 2025: RI State Land Use Policies and Plan (State Guide Plan Element 121)

Link to all of the State Guide Plans