Planning Board

West Greenwich Land Development & Subdivision Regulations:
Proposed Amendment; Article II Definitions

Minor Subdivision - A plan for subdivision of land into buildable lots, does not propose more than five (5) lots or dwelling units, and does not require any waivers from, or modifications to, these regulations. Any further Subdivision of any lot(s) at any time after the effective date if adoption if these Regulations (December 19, 1995), whether immediate or future, that has been divided within the prior 10 years, so as to create a total of 6 lots or more from the original lot, shall be considered a major subdivision and shall be reviewed under the provision of Article V, Section C.4. Any division, merger or subdivision involving public land and/or uses for the public good shall be exempt from the provision of this Section

Board Members

Name Title
Brad Ward Vice Chair
Thomas O'Loughlin Chairman
Timothy Regan Secretary
David Berry Member
Willian G. Bryan Alternate
Brian Wallace Alternate