Hazard Mitigation Plan

Click here for the West Greenwich Hazard Mitigation Plan (this plan is due for an update-stay tuned)

Are you ready for a Hurricane? This is a link to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Hurricane 'Plan, Prepare, Stay Informed' webpage.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for a hurricane, or other potential diasters. This is a link to the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency's 'Hurricane Preparedness Guide' checklist and other information and tips on extreme heat, winter storms, etc. .

West Greenwich has experienced two severe Forest Fires in the 20th Century (1900's). Please see here for How to Protect Your Home from Wildfire.

Are you able to evacuate your home in an emergency? Would you require special assistance during an emergency? Do you know someone who depends on electricity for medical support? Sign up now for the RI Special Needs Emergency Registry here.

Prepare yourself and your family NOW for an Emergency (it's Hurricane Season!). For more information go to Ready.gov