Public Safety

Police: West Greenwich has a full time police department with eleven members including Police Chief Richard Ramsay. The Police Department is located in the Town Hall at 280 Victory Highway. Please visit their web site for additional information.

Fire: West Greenwich has four fire stations located in town.
  1. West Greenwich Fire Company # 1 is located at 830 Nooseneck Hill Road.
  2. Hianloland Fire Company Station 1 is located at 270 Victory Highway.
  3. Hianloland Fire Company Station 2 is located at 244 Plain Road.
  4. Lake Mishnock Volunteer Fire Company is located at 166 Mishnock Road.

Rescue: West Greenwich Community Rescue is located at 733 Victory Highway.

Public Works: The West Greenwich Public Works Department is located behind the Town Hall at 280 Victory Highway. (See Town Hall Departments)

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Brooke Lawrence EMA Director (401) 651-6972