Flood Zone Information

Flood zone information is available superimposed over aerial photos.

On September 21, 2015, the Town Council adopted the updated digitized flood insurance rate maps for West Greenwich, the Flood Insurance Study for Kent County, and the amended ORDINANCE NO. 91

Map Layout of TownIndexPanel 0111Panel 0112Panel 0116
*No special flood hazard areaPanel 0070Panel 0090Panel 0095Panel 0113Panel 0114*Panel 0118
Official Maps as of December 3, 2010Panel 0185Panel 0205Panel 0210Panel 0230Panel 0231

Paper Maps are no longer available. We can print out FIRMettes at Town Hall, or you can use this link to the FEMA Map Service Center to access the maps and make your own FIRMette. (FIRMette is just a cute term for the little map you make from the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.-- type in your address and it shows you your location and if there is a flood zone there.) Please note that there is no new flood zone information on these maps. It is simply superimposing the existing 1986 maps over aerial photograpy, and digitizing it so that it can be stored on the computer instead of in my file cabinet.

Additional Information on the National Flood Insurance Program:

Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act Overview March 2014

**Read this Factsheet on the moderinized Flood Maps and Flood Insurance, "Saving on Flood Insurance: Information about the NFIP's Grandfathering Rule"**

Coming in the near future, our Flood Maps will be updated to reflect current flood hazards (remember, our flood maps are dated effective 1986, with data from 1975). If you think that accurate information might put you in the 100-year flood zone, you should check this out: NFIP's New Lower Cost Insurance Option. I will post on this website when this update process actually starts for us.

Did you know that you can buy Flood Insurance? Most homeowners don't realize that flooding is not covered under your homeowner's insurance policy, unless you were able to specifically get a rider for flooding. Otherwise, Flood Insurance is a Federal insurance program. If you are in a designated flood zone, chances are your mortgage required you to have flood insurance. But if you are not in a flood hazard area, you can still get coverage under what is called the Preferred Risk Policy. Check out the links off of the National Flood Insurance Progam's website.

Click here for National Flood Insurance Program "Answers to Questions about the NFIP" by FEMA